Women in Tech Student Spotlight: Stamatina Chairopoulou

Meet Stamatina Chairopoulou, an IT System Engineer and Information Security Analyst living in Greece. This interview has been edited slightly for length and clarity. Saylor Academy: Hi Stamatina! Congratulations on earning your Saylor certificates! I was wondering how you found out about Saylor Academy and our free courses? S: Hello! I’ve seen the Academy on […]

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A shrinking Public Domain hurts open education

We let Public Domain Day sneak by without comment only because we didn’t want to spoil a perfectly good New Year’s Day; Monday, however, is a perfectly good day to be spoiled with disappointments. Public Domain Day?isn’t exactly a real holiday, but it is a real day, January 1st of every year, marking which cultural […]

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Thinking about competency-based education: a definition, many promises, and some perils

Nate Thompson attended a forum on competency-based education and offers his takeaways below. On September 15th, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), with co-hosts Excelsior College and Fielding Graduate University, gathered leaders for a forum on competency-based education (CBE). The group met with the intention of affirming the methods and goals of CBE, […]

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