Top 5 Study Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Final Exams

Have you ever awoken in a cold sweat realizing you are nowhere near prepared for your final exams? Panic taking over, you make a steaming pot of coffee, burn the midnight oil, and start an all night cramming session. I have been there many times, and it never worked. If I wasn’t prepared the night, […]

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Transferring to Success: Preparing Pathways for Community College Transfer Students

Community College students face barriers when trying to transition to four-year schools. Higher Education leader Dr. Latrice Eggleston Williams shares how to support them to success. […]

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Africa’s Growing Economy Needs More Skilled Workers: How Saylor Academy Courses Can Help

According to a Brookings Institution report many African economies have begun to experience growth for the first time since 2016. Countries like Angola and South Africa, two of the continents biggest economies, are positioning themselves to sustain their growth. Other countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Tanzania are growing their economies at around 6 percent. Moreover, […]

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